2014 Goals

I hate new years resolutions. For the last 5 years my resolution has been to be able to perform the splits (sober). The reason I pick such a ridiculous one is because I know, and you probably do too, that resolutions are made to be broken.

The reason for this is because the majority of people come up with vague ideas. "This year I am going to lose weight". Oh really? Good for you... but how are you going to do that? It is this reason that last year I chose to create 50 specific goals for myself that I felt may better my life; whether it may be a new purchase or doing something kind for someone else. I managed a total of 30 which isn't too bad going and have decided to roll a few of those I missed on to this year's list.

I'm hoping that by once again publishing these for the whole world to see it will encourage me to complete as many as I can. Check out my progress through the strikes below...

- Visit a new country/continent
- Go to a festival (Benicassim booked!)
- Visit a new UK city
- Go to more live sporting events
- Go to Wimbeldon
- Go on holiday with friends
- See a stage show
- Read the Game of Thrones books
- Buy a new piano book and actually learn every single song in it
- Learn new recipes
- Take on more DIY projects
- Start a savings plan
- Make new friends
- Buy a new (good) camera
- Take more photos on a daily basis
- Pass my driving test
- Do something spontaneous
- Swim in the sea
- Eat a Vindaloo

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