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First off, apologies for the lack of posts of recent, I've been struck down with Bronchitis - trust me to get a cold in the Summer! When you're down and out there really isn't much more that can cheer you up than the instant gratification of freshly painted nails. However this time I decided to take it to the next level and create a 3D manicure with a little help from MUA.


After applying a base coat I started by applying a layer of Collection's 60 Seconds Hot Look Nail Polish in Bongo Beat (one of the best names for a nail polish ever?!). I used to buy a few of these back in my teenage years (RIP youth) as they were so cheap and dinky but hadn't used them in a while. I got this one free when I re-purchased the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for the gazzilionth time and chose this chrome, teal colour as I've really been into blue and green lately. I am so impressed with the new formula of these. It went on almost opaque straight away and did exactly what it said in the tin and dried well within 60 seconds. The miniature size makes these perfect for travelling which coincides with the release of Collection's new summer colours. I am yet to discover the lasting power but at £1.99 each these are an absolute bargain and I always think a good top coat solves this problem anyhow.

I then applied my usual layer of the Sally Hansen Double Duty, leaving my ring finger to come back to.  I set up my nail studio with a piece of paper folded in half but laid flat - this was to catch any loose beads so I could pour them back in the pot rather than decorating my bedroom. I began my painting a thick layer of the Sally Hansen polish on my ring finger and then poured the micro beads onto my nail using the spout. Any area of the nail that didn't get covered I went over my applying the beads with my index finger on the opposite hand and then pushed all of the beads into the nail. This is a really important step as it will make sure the beads are correctly stuck. I've seen a few reviews floating around where people have complained that the beads have fallen off within a few hours. Personally, I think this is down to poor instructions: MUA say you should apply these over a layer of their nail polish and I have to disagree. I can't see a thin layer of nail polish holding these on which is why I used my top coat instead as I can paint a thick layer of this to which the beads can 'sink' in to. Alternatively you could even use glue!

I chose just to embellish just the one nail as I like that look and I think the contrast with the plain colour actually draws more attention to it. However you could easily recreate this look on all of your nails. I found that it took no time at all and the end result is beautiful.

Nail Constellation in Pisces and Gemini

What I Think

I really like both of these products and definitely want to try some of the other mixtures. I think the star sign names are a great idea as it makes them a really cute and thoughtful present for anyone into nails and/or beauty. I actually purchased 'Gemini' as a little extra gift for my best friend who's birthday it is this weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!). I actually bought my own star sign, Pisces, because it was my favourite colouring and it just so happened it was my star sign as well. Unfortunately I can only find Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Leo and Gemini online. Have you guys seen any others or are they saving the other star signs for a later date? It would seem a little unfair if they didn't complete the whole zodiac wouldn't it? Come on MUA, chop chop. 

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