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In my last post I mentioned that I was going to let you all know about some of the beauty products I managed to find whilst I was in Morocco so here I am!

On my second day in Marrakech I came across a small Moroccan pharmacy that specialised in natural remedies and home grown spices. It was an absolute incredible place and so interesting as lately I've been getting more and more into 'natural' products. The people there really knew the science behind all the items and gave a small group of people a talk on everything they had in the store. We were allowed to try/smell nearly everything on offer which was a smooth move as I think everyone bought something. I didn't get an excessive amount but here's a sneak peak at what I did pick up:

1. Herpes Creme... HUH!?

I promise you all I have not come back from Africa with an STD but yes this mini red tub does suggest otherwise.  It is actually a lip balm created for targeting cracked lips and cold sores (that's where the herpes bit comes in... you believe me now?). I have always suffered with cracked lips but since using this they have improved slightly. However I can't say for definite if it's the product or the slightly warmer weather. My only gripe with this item is that it doesn't really have any form of flavour. I guess that's because 'wild watermelon' doesn't particularly work with oozing cold sores but I like my lips to smell like a fruit basket goddamit! For this reason I always add some Cherry Carmex afterwards which I'm still yet to part with. 

2. Argan Oil

It would be rude to go to  Morocco and not pick up some of their well known miracle oil. If by any chance you haven't heard of it before, it is oil produced by the argan plant which is solely native to Morocco. If you'd like to read a bit more about the science behind it and who the sales of it help you can visit this link (which is the company I purchased it from). It's full of vitamin E and can be used in a number of ways including the nails and the skin to prevent dryness and ageing. However I bought this bottle to use on my hair. I have already given it a test run on my dry ends and was thrilled with the results. I highly recommend it if you colour your hair, suffer from frizz or have long damaged hair.

PS. I also picked up the cooking version which is beautiful in a stir fry and brilliant if you suffer from high cholesterol or are looking to cut down on your saturated fats. 

3. Argan Soap

Honestly I never use bars of soap so I'm not sure what crossed my mind when I purchased this. I had clearly definitely been hooked in by the sale and the dream of silky smooth hands and super strength nails. As the name would suggest this cleaning friend is also full of argan oil and is great addition to your bathroom if you suffer from dry hands and weak nails. I am yet to try this yet so can't give my personal opinion but if you do already use soap bars then it could save you a lot of money on expensive hand creams. 

4. Rose Cream 

Oooh look at the colour of it! I just want to eat it... but I won't. This is a cream moisturiser great for anti-ageing and tackling really dry areas such as elbows as the rose plant cells stimulate collagen growth and  helps product and hydrate the skin. You may have guessed from it's name that this product has a floral scent, which really isn't my cup of tea (I just think it smells like grannies). For this reason I'd never use this on my face or all over my body but it's a brilliant deep moisturiser for those areas susceptible to dryness. 

France is a country well known for it's beauty but I have to say I think Morocco could be hot on it's heels in terms of natural produce. Is there any beauty items you've picked up abroad and wished that they'd sell it in your home country? I know I'm still wishing for the Maybelline Baby Lips to come to the UK already!!

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