Holiday Packing 101

By the time you read this I will (hopefully) be absorbing some much needed vitamin D and relaxing in Marrakech. A stark contrast to 24 hours ago when I will have been running around like a headless chicken trying to pack my suitcase at the last minute. I hate packing and choosing what to wear in advance. Generally I gravitate towards clothes based on my mood but unfortunately I'm not a qualified fortune teller.

I should really be an expert on the subject by now as I've travelled at least once a month for the last 10+ years but every time I dread getting my spotty suitcase out. I have however, picked up a few tips along the way... So, if you are going away anywhere nice this Summer then hopefully this will help prepare you.

Packing for dummies

  • An obvious one but check the weather before you go. You might be convinced it's going to be scorching sun all week but the weather man says otherwise and they are pretty accurate these days. However a side note, remember rain in other countries is often stormy and not as cold in England so a light rain jacket is more appropriate than your faux fur coat. and do you really need 4 pairs of jeans?
  • Where are you going? One of the problem's I've found is that Marrakech, being part of a Muslim country, it is respectful for women to remain covered up during the day. Lawfully you can wear whatever you like but to avoid leery onlookers it's best to cover up at least shoulders and knees. 
  • What will you be doing? I'm a swimmer so I will more than likely spend half the day in pool (I also get bored sunbathing for more than half an hour) so I always pack 4/5 bikinis. You'll need one decent pair of shoes for exploring in as often cobbles streets and sand tracks are made for stilettos. In fact, I don't bother taking heels at all on holiday. Unless you're on a cruise what's the point? They're heavy and take up loads of room in your suitcase and I want to be able to float around like a modern day hippie goddammit!
  • Weigh your case before you get to the airport! What a nightmare it would be to have you SUPER HEAVY XXL TAMPONS sprawled across the floor as you try to stuff your hand luggage silly
  • Don't pack too soon. Hmm, I hear you mumble. If you pack too soon you'll have no clothes to wear and will end up unpacking half of you suitcase and leaving them behind. I recommend starting 2-4 before. This is just enough time to start feeling excited about your holiday hopefully making the packing more enjoyable! Remember the turtle won the race....
  • Make a list, and no, not just the day before. Starting noting things down up to a month beforehand whilst you think of things you will need and then go over it when you pack and then go over it again when you've finished packing. Which leads me on to my next list nicely...

Things we often forget

  • Painkillers - because no one wants their holiday to be ruined by a headache (even if it is self inflicted)
  • Gym gear - are you planning on keeping up your fitness regime? Take some clothes for it then! No one wants to see you naked... no matter how toned you may be. 
  • Hairbands and Hairbrush - these two are the bane of my life. My hair quickly becomes dreadlocks without them both. 
  • Magazines - buy them here while they're still half the price!
  • Phone charger - seems like a pretty obvious one but sometimes our beauty over rules our brains
  • Socks - because I pack mostly sandals I tend to forget about these but no matter how hot it gets nothing beats a cosy sock in bed. 
  • Enough/right underwear - I have a habit of just throwing my underwear in at the last minute. Think about what tops you've packed... do you need a strapless bra? Also are you changing underwear for the evening (FEELING FRESH) if so you might want to pack more than 7 french knickers. 
  • Batteries - spares for all those gadgets and gizmos we can't live without. 

Well I hope that has been of some help to you guys. We all know that the packing is worth it once you arrive at your destination and can dive straight into that pool. Let me know in the comments below if you're going anywhere nice? Or possibly have a favourite destination you'd like to recommend? <3 div="">

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  1. Ow so jealous that you're in Marrakech! Have a laaavely time, wish I'd read this a week and a half ago before I packed three sets of pyjamas for a five-day holiday ;)