Review: Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, Celestial and Luna

I don't buy into the hype with most products. Unless it's really something I really feel I'm lacking within my makeup collection I manage to tame my temptation to buy something for the frivolity of it. You probably  heard about the Rimmel Apocalips launch around late December when an array of 'super' beauty bloggers were offered samples to test before their official launch on January 23rd. I, like I do before buying any new beauty item, had been meticulously reading review after review on every blog I could find and had come to the conclusion that, well, my life would be incomplete without them. 

Until about a year and a half ago I wouldn't have given a flying pig about lip products. I had always been a balm girl. Lipgloss, did and still does, annoy me. Sticky lips + hair with a mind of it's own is not a match made in heaven. And lipstick was for grown ups... That was what I thought until I, er, grew up I guess. 

I am now much more open with experimenting with colours on my lips. The trouble is the winter months leave my face pillows flakier than Gandhi's foot. No amount of sugar and rigorous toothbrush scrubbing can sort them out so when I heard about a high-street lip lacquer - a cross between a gloss and a lipstick I think Martine McCutcheon's 'Perfect Moment' began playing on repeat in my head. Well then I just happened to stroll into Boots and they just HAPPENED to be on a 3 for 2 offer... You can guess what happened next.  (Poor boys. They've only just discovered the differences between lipgloss and lipstick and now they have this to contend with). 


You apply the lacquer with a cleverly shaped doe foot applicator. The tip is thin enough to paint the corners of your lips without looking like Krusty the clown and there is a mini well (?) in the centre which gathers just the right amount of product to cover your lips. This means you won't be constantly pumping your wand in and out of the tube - an action which drys out a lot of products. 


They apply so easily - one coat and you're done making them perfect for girls (or guys...hey?) on the go. Hopefully you can see how good the pigment is in the below images. They apply similar to a gloss and dry matte whilst keeping their moisture and not just that but they last almost all day too, with fading hitting around the 4 hour mark. 


For a high-street launch I think the colour range is excellent featuring an array of pinks (Celestial, Nova and Apocoliptic) a true red (Big Bang), a pinky red (Stellar), a nude (Nude Eclipse), a peach (Luna) and a purple (Galaxy). I would have liked to see a few deeper shades, but that said I didn't get to try the one I really wanted to - Galaxy - which is the darkest of the bunch.

Big Bang

Surprisingly this has proved to be my favourite of the three. The neutral lover me from three years ago will be shaking her head in disbelief. It's what I would call a 'true' red. No pinky undertone, no brown undertone just plain ol' red which I would imagine suiting every skin tone. What really make this my favourite is it's longevity. This has been through every test imaginable... The brushing teeth test, the toffee dodger test... and it still doesn't budge! 


Out of the three this is the colour I will probably wear most often. It's a rosy shade which brightens your face just the right amount for day time wear and like Big Bang held well throughout the day although I do have quite pigmented lips to start with.


When I purchased these I wanted to pick up a variation of shades from the spectrum - a red, a pink and a nude. Feeling that Nude Eclipse might wash me out I went for it's peachier sister Luna. I thought this might be my favourite because as a general rule I love anything orange. This in fact went on quite orange but dried a whole lot lighter. However it's a very easy colour to wear and I can imagine me wearing this a lot more in the summer time.

L-R: Luna, Celestial and Big Bang
If you read all that then good on you! I forget how much I can talk (or type?) when I really get going but I love reading in-depth reviews on products so wanted to give you my honest opinion. I'm sure you have already read a few but I always like to stick my 2 pence in. I would love to know what you also think of this product if you've tried it. Especially if you've tested some different shades as I can see me investing in a few more when I have some dollar back in my pocket!


  1. Big Bang looks incredible on you! I am thinking about buying that one for nights out. It's such a great colour.

    1. Thank you! Do it ;) it's a stunning colour

  2. I am exactly the same I never buy into the hype but keep reading amazing reviews. Celestial really, really suites you! Ahh looks like I shall be in boots at the weekend xx

    1. Sometimes it's so hard to resist isn't it...
      Thank you! :) it's such a nice shade I think it would suit nearly everyone and tell me about it, swear I spend half my life in Boots haha! xx